jueves, 10 de febrero de 2011

Katy Perry - Firework

In my opinion speaks of what we feel each person and not express.
we have to be happy every day, be a single person will never get sad and be strongin our way.

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My favorite meals

Healthy diets (my diet)

I love vegetables

for me are very nutritious vegetables ever make me stronger and has a different taste, ifyou know better yet we Condiments

I love fruit

the fruit as each minute is my weakness right now as I'm on a diet as many fruit

The most divine.To break the diet

when it melts the cheese sauce and very spicy

Comida china

  • Sweet and sour chicken
Sweet and sour chicken, Chinese rice is tasty and spicy 
  • fried vegetables with sauce (plato caliente)
This dish is eaten hot, is rich and deep fat

Sweets for the diet

  • chocolate cake

  • Ice scream

The best sweet cravings

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In my opinion speaks of what we feel each person and not express.
we have to be happy every day, be a single person will never get sad and be strongin our way.

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The magic of Cristal

I was walking on the street,
 and i though i was a freak,
 I saw your face through the glass,
 and i though i was in class, 
You are pretty as a moon, 
and I eat you with my spoon
I love you so much
That I can take a punch

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lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011

People in my life

My Family

  • They are my parentsare some people who have given me a proper education I have taught and are teachingme everything about life.
  • They are my beautiful sisters; My older sister is 22 and is a systems engineer.
    and my little sister is 1 year old has a lovely character but it makes us laugh every day more because of her life is now complete.

My Best Friends

Study with them in the United Stated

  • Gabriel; he is Colombian, he has 22 years old is a friend where you can trust at all times will never give back and always sincere.
  • Edwin; he is Mexican, he has 19 years old is a kid where you would give everything for the world and everythingaround it is very nice, where trust and do well, is very close with his family andappreciates everything in his life.

School Friends

they are my school friends in my free time we spent together towards us and laughedevils of children less than we're still good friends but we have separated because everyone working and studying in different universities as we remember the good times.


are my friends from college who I pass them studied together day and night are veryintelligent and he explains many things not on some matters


Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is a young man who does not have much experience butstudying and practicing all over the web the programmer and entrepreneur began asU.S. and is now known as the creator of facebook.

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sábado, 5 de febrero de 2011

My life

Hello my name is elainnys ferrer I have 19 years old, my birthday is on July 31! I'm tiny in size and do not have brothers, so this is all my life. I'am different moods  when something upsets me I try not to affects my things I'm a good person, friendly, playful, sweet, loving, sometimes obnoxious, conservative, good friends and many things that  little by little they can know me and will know me

I have 2 sisters, one is a 1 year old and the other one over 22 years.

I'm from Cabimas-state-Zulia Venezuela. I studies in santa marta from 1st to 8th grade level, from there I went to U.S. For 1 year and a half after I came to Venezuela they put me in grade 10 in high school and I graduated for technical school in accounting.

I started college after the high school and now I'm in the 5th quart accounting.

If you ask me my experience in the U.S. I think it was the best I learned a lot, I study there but I did not pay much interest to English as I wanted, but I learned many things and leave many friends.

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